In 1961, after receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Delhi, Chaman Mahajan traveled to America to continued his education. In 1964, he received a degree in Mechanical Engineering  from Ohio State University. A paper he wrote on refrigeration and air conditioning controls helped him join Ranco, one of the leading American manufacturers in the field. With bright carrier prospects secured and an American wife, Chaman Mahajan returned to India after a gap of 6 years. This visit would change his future.

It was a difficult decision for a young man with a prospect of a brilliant career in the US corporate world. However, against all odds, Chaman Mahajan decided to take the risk and went into business in India. Mr. Mahajan lost no time in tapping the potential he could see within the country. In 1969, he started his first venture, T&R Industries. When all attempts to raise private finance failed, he turned to the State Bank of India, for a loan of Rs.75, 000/-. Then he plunged into the manufacture of thermostats and relays with the help of a small team. The company expanded rapidly and started manufacturing a variety of additional components including heating and cooling thermostats, pressure switches, temperature controllers, miniature electro magnetic relays, expansion valves and thermometers.

As the business grew, Chaman Mahajan decided to expand into other activities. Now his enterprise, Ranutrol Industries, began to take shape. He made plans to diversify and the company expanded into the field of Instrumentation with a distribution agreement for sales of Honeywell products across India. In 1982 a new company called Ranutrol Instrumentation Ltd. was formed.  The following years saw rapid growth in the fields of Automated Test Equipment and Business Machines with co-operations of Schlumberger, UK and Nakajima, All Japan. 

Further expansion came in 1986, in the form of a technical co-operation with Hansa Metallwerke of Germany. The company began manufacturing aqua mixers, showers and spouts for the domestic market.

The 80ís and 90ís saw further expansion in Ranutrol Instrumentation with the set up of a manufacturing facility to produce Controllers, Recorders and Process Instruments in collaboration with Yamatake Honeywell, Japan. The facility was then expanded to manufacture Micro Switches in collaboration with Honeywell USA.

Recent expansions include a technology upgrade in the Ranutrol Hansa manufacturing facility and a shift of most manufacturing to a plant located in Bhiwadi, Rajisthan.

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